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Deplocalc - Calculate daylighting of your project
Calculate daylighting of your project

DEPLOCALC is a online software to calculate the amount of daylight of DEPLOSUN light pipes. You could define pipe diameter, pipe lenght, type of dome, number of pipes, area to be illuminated... And the program will estimate a final result, so will help you to design the best suitable daylighting solution for your room, office, parking....

In Espacio Solar we have developed a simple and friendly use software application in order that anyone could make it's own calculations and estimate daylighting levels in diferent times of the year. With this software you could design correctly our daylighting installation .

Final results are average data in a fixed area, if we need to have exact daylighting distribution, determine how color wall could afect top the final result , we should then do a more precise calculation to determine ISOLUX lines. Do not hesitate to contacxt us .

Espacio Solar is a daylighting reference company , do not hesitate to contact us
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Don't hesitate to contact us to solve any problem or doubt.

In order to use our DEPLOCAL software, to estimate daylighting levels of DEPLOSUN LIGHT PIPES, go to register page where we will ask you some data .

You will inmediatly receive in your mail a Username and password , that will permit you to use the software without cost
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